Longspell Point Farm

A family farm located on the Bay of Fundy, focusing on sustainable farming producing high quality vegetables, grains, meats and poultry.

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“Buying from Longspell Point Farm means I am purchasing from a family that cares as much about my community as I do; it means my money stays local; and it means an assurance of an awesome variety of beautiful produce that was sustainably grown in nutrient dense soil and tastes fabulous, Its a win, win, win!”

“Our family loves stocking our fridge and freezer with Longspell Point Farms meat and vegetables. It feels great supporting a family owned farm in our community but ultimately they are supporting us to be confident in the quality of food we eat and serve our family. We love the full flavour of their grassfed beef and the freshness of their greens all year round.”

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We use three sources to sell. Please see our Purchasing tab in the menu for more details.

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