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Our Products

We are dedicated to providing food for our customers that we want to eat as a family. We grow vegetables and grains and raise animals with the intention of providing healthy food that tastes great. We strive to produce the best possible product.


 We grow chemical, spray, and pesticide free vegetables. Vegetables are grown in nutrient dense soil that allows us to grow delicious and healthy vegetables. 

Meat and Poultry

Our beef is 100% Grass fed and pasture raised. Our poultry is free range and our pork is ethically raised. Coming to the farm, you can see the health of our animals as an example of the quality of our product. 

Whole Grains

You can find whole grain wheat, rye and oats that we grow with the same principals as our vegetables. Our grains are locally stone milled preserving the richness and quality. 

How We Got Started

Jeff and Paula, also known as dad and mum bought the farm in 1990 where they fell in love with the farm landscape and began envisioning a future for their four children to grow up, have a holistic childhood and a prosperous business. Fast forward to current times, their son Ben is heavily involved in managing the hands on areas of farming and the business. Daughter Brigette and son Lee are also a part of making our farm run smoothly. If you come to the farm, be sure to feel like one of the family. 

Soil Health

As a small farm, we aim to be a self-sustaining farm with mixed produce, grains, and livestock. We utilize mob-grazing techniques, cover crops, crop rotations and avoid chemical fertilizers or sprays to promote good soil health. Having high quality products is a result of our efforts. Please feel free to contact us to hear more.


Our Mission

Environmentally Conscious

Ensuring that we are using sustainable farming practices to help preserve our land, ecosystem and produce high quality fresh products. We believe in sustainable agriculture and it is a part of each of our farming practices. 


Be Community Minded

We want to give back to our community, our farm would not succeed without their support. We are dedicated to donate to local food banks and food sharing programs.

Keep It Local

We want to know our customers, we value the relationship we have with them. We use local butchers, grain millers, and we sell our products locally.